About Us

SOAR, A College of Kingdom Advancement is dedicated to developing laity into leaders who can reach their God-given potential. Our courses offer an immersive experience that combines theological education with practical spiritual development. We provide a safe and supportive environment where students can explore the depths of their faith while learning how to lead others in service to God. Our curriculum is designed to help students discover their unique gifts and talents and develop the skills they need to become effective Kingdom leaders. With our experienced faculty and comprehensive resources, students will gain the knowledge and confidence they need to serve God and their communities with excellence. Join us and become a leader who is equipped to make a lasting impact for the kingdom of God.

Our Mission

SOAR, A College of Kingdom Advancement is committed to equipping and empowering students to reach their fullest potential in Christ, to become catalysts of societal transformation, and to advance the Kingdom of God in every area of life. We strive to create an environment that encourages spiritual growth, academic excellence, and character development, preparing students to boldly proclaim the Gospel and to lead in every sphere of influence.

Our Vision

SOAR, A College of Kingdom Advancement will be a premier institution of higher learning that equips students to excel in their chosen fields, to live lives of purpose and excellence, and to impact the world for the Kingdom of God. We will cultivate an environment of academic excellence, spiritual vitality, and social responsibility, enabling students to become world-changers and leaders of the Kingdom.

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Our Faculty

Apostle Kyle Meyer D. Divinity


Dr. Jason M. Bracey D. Divinity


Pastor Stephanie Bracey D. Divinity


Apostle Jason Welsh D.Divinity

Senior Advisor